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Transcending Global Insanity

It can seem like human culture is going backwards, and the planet itself is acting out its rage. But you do not have to buy into the angst and insecurity of our turbulent times. You actually exist on a much, much larger stage of life. You just need to remember it.

In this onlilne course we remind ourselves of the inherent peace and harmony of the Bigger Picture by experiencing it directly for ourselves.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Courses can be purchased individually for $89.

Each course is different, but each lesson usually contains an audio or video component, PDF worksheets, and home study to practice the skills you learned. You move through each lesson at your own pace and can re-do the course as often as you like. 

You can access the course via mobile, tablet, or desktop computer.

For more information, please visit each course page.

The length varies by course and by student. Each lesson within a course ranges from 10-30 minutes or more, followed with exercises and home study. Some courses are intended to be completed during a week or month, for example, and most intend that you start at the beginning and progress through. You have full access to the entire course and can view any lesson, at any time.

You can access via mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Once you are registered, login at After logging in, click 'My Library' in the top menu to see all of your available courses.

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