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Featured Course

Declutter Your Life With Tisha Morris

Navigating the physical world as spiritual seekers can be challenging, especially when it comes to our stuff where we lose perspective. But it’s actually through the items in our home where we can identify our shadows, blind spots, and even hidden talents, while also manifesting our true desires. 

Everything in our home is an externalized representation of something within our psyche. But when does the enjoyment and usefulness of our belongings become outweighed by the energetic weight it holds?

Learn how your stuff may be keeping you stuck and what you can do about it.

Discover how to clear out items associated with your past relationships, jobs, and unhealed grief. Once you know WHY you hold on to the things you hold on to, the letting go is easy.


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Your All-Access Pass includes instant and unlimited access to every course in our library for the duration of your membership. The courses include audio and/or video lessons, written homework and journaling assignments and more. Plus, you'll get extras from your course instructors, like support groups, additional exercises and group calls!

You get access to every course in our library, plus all future courses as long as your membership remains active.


It varies from course to course, for more information on the specific course please visit the page for that course. 

You can access the course via mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Each course is different, but each lesson often contains an audio or video lesson, PDF worksheets, and home study to practice the skills you learned. You move through each lesson at your own pace and can re-do the course as often as you like. For more information, please visit each course page to see what is included.

The all-access pass is $249/year but for a limited time we are offering an opportunity to lock in preferred pricing guaranteed for life at just $167 per year ($14/month).

Courses can be purchased individually for $89.

To celebrate the launch of the all-access pass we are offering our first members an opportunity to lock in preferred pricing. For just $167 per year ($14/month) you get lifetime access to our complete course library and all future courses that we release. By purchasing the early-bird offer you are guaranteed preferred pricing for life. 


Yes, individual courses are available for $89 each or you can get access to the entire library plus all future courses for less than the price of two courses with our early-bird offer.

We will be adding new content every month!

Get them all with the all-access pass.

Each course is different, but you can move at your own pace. Each lesson often ranges from 10-30 minutes or more, followed with exercises and home study. It's recommended to do the lessons in order, but you have access to the entire course at once and can view any lesson, at any time. 


You can access via mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Once you are registered, enter your log in details at courses.spiritualityhealth.com. Click on Library of Courses to see available courses.

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Early-Bird Launch Pricing: $14/month

Get access to every course in our library for just $14/month billed annually for a limited time. Regular price: $249/year. Offer Ends in:









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