Core Strength Balance: A 7 Day Mind Body Challenge

In this online course, discover your vision for a healthy body as you age, establish an exercise routine that finally works for you, and build the foundation for an active lifestyle.

with Kalia Kelmenson

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"Kalia has encouraged me to really think about what I want for my body and helped me to come up with ways to make that possible." 


With lessons, video demonstrations and workouts, audio workouts and meditations, along with coaching worksheets, ​Core Strength Balance​ has these objectives:

  1. To teach you how to access your core and create balance and strength.
  2. To coach you to develop a consistent routine that will help you stay active and engaged in an active way.
  3. To help you feel confident and capable in all the activities you do.
  4. To encourage you to foster a sense of gratitude and compassion for your body and everything it does for you.

What You Get

Once you sign up, you'll receive an email to immediately access this course via phone, tablet, or desktop. You can begin or stop at any time, move through the course at your own pace, and repeat any modules as many times as you wish

  • 7 lessons, each with an audio or video component that supports you in the challenge that you can start and complete at your own pace.
  • 7 downloadable coaching worksheets that will lead you to create a consistent routine.
  • 3 audio downloads that you can use as often as you wish: 1 strength workout, 1 relaxation and integration guide, 1 body scan and gratitude meditation.
  • Access to an online discussion board, where you can inspire and be inspired by others taking the course, as well as interact with Kalia.

Lesson Plan

Module 1: Your Why and Your Plan

Module 2: Find your Core

Module 3: Strength Workout

Module 4: Moving from your Core

Module 5: Playing with Balance

Module 6: Cardio day and Flexibility

Module 7: Integration and Second Strength day

Bonus Audio Downloads:

  • Strength Workout- an audio version of the strength workout for take anywhere convenience.
  • Flexibility and Integration
  • Body Scan and Gratitude Meditation

Who Is This Course For?

  • You keep meaning to include a strength component in your workout, but aren’t sure where to start.
  • You are just getting back to activity after recovering from an injury, or focusing your attention on other parts of your life and you can’t seem to make exercise a consistent priority.
  • You are feeling more frail than you used to, and daily activities are not as easy as they once were.
  • You are feeling your body changing with age, and it’s not responding the way it used to.
  • You want to feel strong and vital, have great balance, and connect with your core.

Meet the Instructor

Kalia Kelmenson, CPT, CPHWC has worked and played in the field of mind body exercise for over 20 years. Her fascination with how our bodies and minds work led her to fitness training, and a back injury brought her deeper into the field of creating stability and functional mobility in the body. Certified as a personal trainer and wellness coach, Kalia works with groups and individuals to create custom programs that support a strong, fit body, and a healthy mind. She is the creator of Core Strength Balance and Mind Body Booty Camp and blogs weekly for Spirituality & Health on stories and research from the intriguing field of mind-body health. You can find more inspiration from Kalia at

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"Kalia has encouraged me to really think about what I want for my body and helped me to come up with ways to make that possible. Her positive energy is infectious as she instills in us gratitude for life! "

- P.

"You've got me looking forward to Mondays! Thank you!! It was a work-out disguised as fun. When I miss classes, I get LAZY and unmotivated...Thank you for all your good energy! The recipe for a strong, centered core: we provide the ingredients - each result is delicious and unique. "

- K.J.

"Core Strength Balance is toning my body without joint stress. I feel my balance, posture and alignment are improving with each session. I am able to release any "stress" from the day and feel that I have done something for "ME"!"


"Thank you for the wonderful audio program. I use it at least 3 times a week. I’ve lost 35 pounds and, thanks to your program I can easily get up from a chair and off the floor! I’m taking Zumba once a week and just started yoga twice a week. "

- B.D.

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