How to Heal Yourself with Sound

In this online course, nourish and harmonize your physical and subtle bodies through the timeless, life-enhancing power of sound and mantra.

with Anandra George

Sound penetrates beyond the surface. In this course we touch the gateway of personal mastery to your most intimate spaces… your inner voice, your primal needs, and the urge to express your one-of-a kind voice in this world. You’ll learn sound-based practices from which you can source both reliable inner peace and joyful personal expression. You may be a fresh beginner to all things spiritual, or you may already teach yoga and meditation. Working deliberately with sound, using a combination of long-proven yogic techniques now also confirmed by modern medical science, opens up a whole new level of exploration.

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Meet the Instructor

Anandra is a pioneer in the global yoga community, re-introducing the ancient practice of sound as a fundamental practice. She created the world’s first registered yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound (including Sanskrit, mantra, Indian classical vocal meditation, and non-violent communication for everyday life). American by birth, Indian by soul, and global citizen by expression, she helps people transform their limiting belief systems and cultivate their most fulfilling contribution to the world. An internationally respected mantra teacher and sacred musician, she is frequently invited to teach and lead chanting/kÄ«rtan at the world’s largest yoga festivals


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