Awakening Through Dreams

Access infinite inspiration, creativity, and wisdom through your Dreamtime

with Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane

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What does your heart long for? What delights your spirit? What is your soul calling? Dreams speak to these questions and more. However, the answers come in signs, symbols and emotions that can befuddle, inspire, haunt, intrigue, disturb and amuse.

In this course, we will explore practical tools to help you remember and work with your dreams. You'll learn to apply your Dreamtime to your waking life, unlocking the messages hidden in your most memorable and seemingly mundane dreams. 

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane’s service to the world is through her devotion to dreams and embodied life. She is a mother, dream oracle, chiropractor, and teacher of earth wisdom and sacred movement. She has studied dreamwork and healing from both an academic and experiential perspective with teachers Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Robert Moss and Jeremy Taylor, as well as through programs at Stanford and Esalen. Her facilitation invites participants into a realm where body, heart, mind, soul and spirit(s) freely intermingle—where Dreams come alive! Jennifer is the author of a guidebook on dreaming: ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake. Connect with her here at


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