Core Strength Balance

with Kalia Kelmenson

A mind body program that will keep you (or get you) active so that you can be fully engaged in all of life's adventures.

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This 5-part course is designed to integrate practices into your daily life that will reconnect you with your core strength and feeling of power in your daily movement. The course includes video tutorials, assessments, audio meditations and journaling worksheets. It's ideal for anyone who feels like their body is not responding the way it used to, and for those who want to support brain health, bone health, and the ability to keep doing the activities that make them feel most alive.

Meet the Instructor

Kalia Kelmenson, CPT, CPHWC has worked and played in the field of mind body exercise for over 20 years. Her fascination with how our bodies and minds work led her to fitness training, and a back injury brought her deeper into the field of creating stability and functional mobility in the body. Certified as a personal trainer and wellness coach, Kalia works with groups and individuals to create custom programs that support a strong, fit body, and a healthy mind. She is the creator of Core Strength Balance and Mind Body Booty Camp and blogs weekly for Spirituality & Health on stories and research from the intriguing field of mind-body health.


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