Energy Tools for Emotional Balance

with Jill Leigh

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Understand how to work with your chakras and aura to shift and evolve ineffective behaviors and unhelpful tendencies in your interactions and relationships.


In this course, you’ll learn four energy-clearing skills for your chakras and aura. 

  • Become familiar with your Astral Body (aka, your emotional body)
  • Learn about your chakras and aura and how they drive to your day-to-day experience
  • Identify patterns you tend to use in your interactions with others (particularly with people you find difficult). Anxiety, reactiveness, anger, defensiveness, insecurity…
  • Shift old patterns that drive your behaviors

What You Get

  • Welcome and conclusion video from Jill Leigh
  • 3 video presentations
  • 7 downloadable PDFs
  • 4 audio lessons
  • 5 guided meditations
  • Question-and-answer sections, suggested practices and exercises within modules

Lesson Plan


Module 1 - Chakra & Aura

Module 2 - Finding Emotional Balance in Relationships

Module 3 - Shifting Old Patterns for Emotional Balance

Module 4 - Your Intentional Practice

Module 5 - Conclusion

Who Is This Course For?

  • People who feel triggered or exhausted by particular people in their life
  • People who have heard themselves say something like, “There’s this thing that I do, and I know that I do it, and I even know why I do it, but I don’t know how to STOP doing it.”
  • People who want to evolve their emotional patterns, such as reactivity, anxiety, anger, defensiveness or depression
  • People who desire emotional balance

Meet the Instructor

Jill Leigh is the founder and director of the Energy Healing Institute. She has been an energy practitioner and teacher for more than 25 years. As she works with clients and students, she enjoys dissolving limiting paradigms and shifting the beliefs and thought processes that block people from taking personal control of their healing and evolution. Jill empowers every student and client to be their own healer, and offers tools and resources for evolving what they are creating and manifesting.

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"Your class is a very valuable tool for anyone who wants to live to the highest of their potential by achieving clarity as to who they really are, by freeing themselves of invasive energy that belongs to others, by replenishing themselves with cosmic and earth energy when necessary, and by adhering to a strong energy hygiene routine for self-care."

- N.L.

"The more I process your teaching the more in awe I am of you Jill and the process you are teaching. It touches me on so many levels. You've blown a door wide open and I'm going through it!"

- L.M.

"I’m grateful for all I’ve learned and gained from you, Jill. You really know your stuff and your teaching style is truly empowering. I love this work I’m doing and the effect it’s having on my life is just amazing sometimes. I look forward to more learning from and with you."

- M.W.

"Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge and getting it out to the general public! Everyone needs this kind of wisdom. Though I've had some training in the chakras, I've learned so much from you!"

- H.S.

"You do the most esoteric kinds of things and bring them down to Earth."

- M.B.

"“I have encountered a very few individuals who have impacted my personal evolution in such a profound way, and Jill Leigh is among them. She is an amazing teacher, writer, and mentor who has created a life-altering experience for me."

- N.A.

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Get This Course - $89

Start enjoying this course at your own pace and in your own space.


Subscribe To All - $225

Get access to all of our courses for one, low annual subscription price.


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