Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the courses?

You access the course via mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. Each course is different, but each module usually contains an audio or video component, PDF worksheets, and home study to practice the skills you learned. You move through each lesson at your own pace and can re-do the course as often as you like.  For more information, please visit each course page.


How long does it take to do a course?

The length varies by course and by student. Each module within a course ranges from 10-30 minutes or more, followed with exercises and home study. Some courses are intended to be completed during a week or month, for example, and most intend that you start at the beginning and progress through. You have full access to the entire course and can view any lesson, at any time.


How do I access my course?

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with log in details. Log in at via mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. After logging in, click 'My Library' in the top menu to see all of your available courses.


I’ve completed my course. Can I retake one of the lessons in the future?

Yes. You can log in at any time and do any part of the course as many times as you wish.


Do I have to complete the course in order?

No. Although we recommend you complete the course in order, you can choose to skip ahead or only do modules that interest you. You can also repeat modules as many times as you wish.


Do I have to start my course immediately?

No. Once you purchase, you have access to your course and can start or stop at any time you wish.


Can I download the course material onto my device, or do I have to log in?

The course as a whole can not be downloaded, and must be accessed via your log in. There are some materials included in course modules that you can download locally on your device. These downloads include PDFs and audio files. Video files at this time are not downloadable, and can only be viewed via logging in to the course.


Will I be able to talk to the instructor directly?

You will have access to an online discussion board, where you can ask questions, inspire and be inspired by others taking the course, as well as interact with the instructor. The course does not provide guaranteed 1-on-1 time with the instructor, but they can answer questions if you have them.


How much do courses cost?

Courses can be purchased individually for $89.


I’m interested in being a course instructor. Who do I contact?

We’d love to hear from you. Please visit our contact page and send us your bio and proposed course description.


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