The Art Of Intuition

Have we lost the ability to trust ourselves? A four part series filled with powerful and practical tools to clearly and confidently create the life you wish to see.

with Deborah Kremins

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These are not tools you just try on and put down.  These are lifelong tools that have a cumulative impact.   


The tools and techniques in this course are immediately applicable for practical application in daily life.  After just four weeks with these practices you will:

  • Be able to move out of the noise and into the power of your intuition
  • Able to recognize your own truth
  • Easily differentiate your inner knowing from all the other voices in your head  
  • Know how to clear out foreign energy and call back your own  
  • Be able to access a calmer and more empowered place from which to operate in the world
  • Experience greater trust and certainty in yourself

What You Get

  • 1 Audio Introduction
  • 4 Audio Lessons
  • 4 Audio Meditations
  • PDF downloads with each lesson including questions to consider and visual aids for meditations 
  • 4 Audio follow up talks with daily awareness practices and homework
  • 1 Video Conclusion
  • Access to a discussion board to share and communicate with others taking the course and with Deborah

Lesson Plan

Lesson I -- Ways of Knowing

Meditation: Grounding

Lesson 2 – Release and Receive

Meditation: Earth and Life Force Energy

Lesson 3 – Center of Sight

Meditation: Self-Sight Sanctuary

Lesson 4 – The Art of Fullness

Meditation: Separation for Connection and Support

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who has ever experienced any of the following is perfect for this course:

  • Difficulty manifesting or experiencing success in one or more areas of life
  • Feeling exhausted or unsupported
  • Feeling overly sensitive or reactive
  • Wanting to experience more clarity and feel more empowered
  • Feeling at the effect of other people, situations and the world around you
  • Feeling anxious, overwhelmed or scattered
  • Wanting to create more freedom, ease and joy

About the Instructor

Deborah Kremins has been teaching Intuitive Development for nearly three decades. She is the founder and director of New Earth Insights, offering essential tools for living a more joyful and purposeful life.

She has worked with clients throughout the world and is recognized internationally for her intuitive abilities and her practical approach to teaching the energy arts.

Deborah is available for individual and couples consultations, classes, workshops, retreats and for public speaking engagements. You can learn more and receive information about her in-person and online courses including the upcoming, Earth Warrior I by visiting

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"Deborah's Intuitive Healing courses have been utterly transformative. As a result of all I've learned from Deborah, I have exponentially more confidence, grace, and discernment in my life."


"“As a student of Deborah' s classes, I was given techniques for tapping into myself that I will use forever. Her intuitive guidance is spot on, and the information that comes through is that gentle reminder that has been on the edge of your consciousness urging you to lovingly remember.”"

-Mark C.

"I highly recommend Deborah’s classes! This work has helped me to access greater peace, patience, and understanding in myself and others. This work has truly been invaluable, giving me the confidence to hear my inner wisdom, and most importantly, to trust it."


"Deborah is a beacon of healing and awakening in my life. She has taught me to better understand this physical ride I came in with, and taught me to heal it using a box of many tools. Deborah is a great healer and a true gift in my life."


"I am continually impressed with Deborah’s ability to teach me new things. She has a way of teaching that makes this simple and yet infinitely complex subject make sense and become accessible. I never hesitate to recommend Deborah and I am eternally grateful for her support and guidance in my life"


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Get This Course - $89

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