The Medicine Wheel

A 4-Step Process To Stop Numbing and Start Living. An Integrative approach to healing trauma and addiction

with Dean Taraborelli and Kelley Alexander

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No course or seminar can replace a thirty-day, inpatient program for addiction recovery. However, many of us are not ready to make the commitment to an inpatient program. Some of us would like to undertake a program of deep healing work related to our own addiction issues or the underlying traumas that cause or contribute to addiction. This revolutionary, four-part online course will help you to begin or accelerate your healing journey using new science applied to the ancient wisdom of the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel helps us to tap into the energy that informs all of life, remember the sacredness of life and reconnect with our soul.


Four video lessons, exercise worksheets, and audio meditations to help you:

  • South Direction "Serpent": The Themes of My Life
  • West Direction "Jaguar": Explore and Awareness
  • North Direction "Hummingbird": Tools and Practice for the Soul
  • East Direction "Eagle/Condor": Tools and Practice for the Spirit

What You Get

Once you sign up, you'll receive an email to immediately access this course via phone, tablet, or desktop. You can begin or stop at any time, move through the course at your own pace, and repeat any modules as many times as you wish

  • 4 video lessons 
  • Downloadable PDF’s with practices to Stop Numbing and Start Living
  • 2 downloadable audio lessons

Meet the Instructors

Dean Taraborelli is the Founder and co-director of the Sanctuary at Sedona. His pioneering work in developing The Sanctuary’s Integrative Addiction Recovery program has been used to help hundreds of clients to successfully treat addiction. Dean is a member of the senior teaching staff for the Four Winds Society, and author of Be Recovered: Transformational Healing Through Integrative Addiction Recovery.  Dean has traveled to sacred sites in over 60 countries to study world mythology, religion, spirituality, wisdom traditions and indigenous healing and wellness practices. 

Kelley Alexander is the co-director of The Sanctuary at Sedona and has worked over the last decade to develop its innovative Integrative Addiction Recovery Program. She is an ordained minister, certified shamanic breathwork facilitator and a graduate of the Four Winds Healing The Light Body School, the premiere energy medicine program founded by Alberto Villoldo. Kelley has also been a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza since 2009. 

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